Shoot A Selfie

The newest addition to our product line and we are very excited!

Remember when disposable cameras were left on the tables of events like birthdays or weddings for guests to take pictures?  The host would then take the cameras to be developed to see what guests were doing and taking pictures of.  That's if the images turned out, didn't have someone's finger over the lens, or if the guest didn't take the camera with them.

Fast forward to modern times with smart phones, Instagram and Twitter, and the selfie...what do you have?  ShootASelfie!  Guest take a picture with the camera they always have with them, their phone.  They then post it on Instagram or Twitter with a custom hashtag.  Every photo taken* is instantly shown at the event and printed out for the guest to take home with them as a parting gift and the host gets all of the image files to share or make prints from as well.  No wondering if an image turned out, if there was a rogue finger in the way, or if the camera would even be left for you to develop.

You can rent ShootASelfie for your next event.  Here is the pricing:

M-Th rentals:
2 hour rental, unlimited prints:  $300

F-S and Holidays:
2 hour rental, unlimited prints:  $400

Wedding Rentals:
4 hours at your reception, unlimited pritns: $600 / $500 with a photography package

Extra hours can be added to any of the above pricing for $200.  
Discounts are available if you book Tim Watson Photography to cover the portraits for your event.  *Some restrictions apply.